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Hawk Group Limited and Sancus Lending (Jersey) Limited Announce Strategic Joint Venture to Amplify Market

Hawk Group Limited, a leading family wealth-backed lender, and Sancus Lending (Jersey) Limited, a prominent member of the Sancus Lending Group, are pleased to announce a significant milestone in their collaborative journey towards fortified lending and co-investment opportunities in the Island.

The strategic partnership, set to be formalised on 6 December 2023, marks a pivotal moment for both companies and their collective vision for the future of lending in the region. Spearheaded by Robert Morton, Neil Spacie & Kiri Cavill, this joint venture represents a union of expertise, capital, and lending market experience, poised to reshape the landscape of the lending market in Jersey and further afield.

Robert Morton, Chairman, Hawk Group Limited, stated, ‘This strategic partnership signifies a monumental step towards realising our vision for more dynamic and robust lending in our core market. The joint venture strategically aligns the collective strengths of Sancus and Hawk to capitalise on existing market opportunities and allows for the identification and maximisation of untapped potential’.

The alliance is meticulously designed for valued investors to enhance income
without compromising on risk. This collaboration marks the first truly expert family debt vehicle through which investors are able to benefit from innate stability and growth.

Neil Spacie, Managing Director of Sancus Lending (Jersey) Limited, affirms the transformative potential of the joint venture, stating, ‘We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Hawk. Together, we possess the collective vision, experience, and resources to not only strengthen our foothold in the market but also pioneer innovative lending and capital raising strategies that deliver enduring value’.

Kiri Cavill, Managing Director, Hawk Group, said ‘The union of an institutional player and a family office powerhouse in the lending space solidifies our commitment to supporting the Channel Islands and establishes us as a leading lender in the region with an excellent commercial approach and an inherent understanding of risk’.

The transaction was skilfully handled by James Willmott, Partner at Carey Olsen,
ensuring the seamless execution of this strategic joint venture.

Hawk Group Limited, a leading family wealth-backed lender, and Sancus Lending (Jersey) Limited, a prominent member of the Sancus Lending…